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Skill Development Training Initiative

Ms. Prema from Manachanallur, an Entrepreneur Story


Prema and her husband were running a GEM cutting business and due to financial difficulties, they were unable to continue their business. Life became very difficult for them due to the closing of their business. They were unable to manage family expenses and support children's education. They were a family of five with two females and one male child.


Equitas plays a major role in micro finance among the most vulnerable economically weaker communities. Prema came to know about our Micro finance loans offered and received a loan from us. On receiving the loan she purchased a cow and started milk business. Even though Prema found a way to generate income, it wasn’t enough to manage her whole family expenses.


Mobilization: CSR officers often mobilize the community about the Skill Development Trainings been given by Equitas in various center's. Prema was part of this group and she wanted to upskill herself in Tailoring. She successfully completed this training and also received her certificate.


Prema joined Tamil Nadu Women Co-operative Society and got school uniform orders on a contract basis which generated an income of Rs. 50,000 /- per year for this service.

Prema has established herself as a Tailor and she receives stitching orders from nearby locals on regular basis which provides her regular income.

Prema livelihood was changed because of her hardwork and support from Equitas. Her income was substantially increased which provided her enough to manage household, childrens education and their marriages respectively. Her family has been continuously benefitted from our Micro-finance loans offered.


Apart from the Micro-finance and Skill Development support provided by us, we also helped her with her husband surgery. His Kidney stone surgery which costed about Rs. 40,000 /- was done at free of cost. We also helped one of her relative to receive a heart surgery at a nominal cost of Rs. 1,50,000 /-.


Equitas further provided guidance and with the help of the certificate received, she was able to apply and receive Government sponsored free tailoring machine.


Prema is one of many beneficiaries of our CSR initiatives. We can notice how our Micro-finance, Skill Development Training, Guidance and Health care support have benefitted her and whole family including her relatives.