Equitas was celebrating International Women’s Day at Irungalur village and we received a request from Village President to conduct a free Cataract Surgery Camp. This camp was much needed for this village as majority of this village old people are economically weak and needed vision support. They don’t have a stable income in this village and the only work they are able to do is for Government’s 100 Days worker (MNERAGA) program.


These villagers were not able to go to work on a regular basis as they all had vision problem due to their old age. The little income they were making was also becoming difficult which put them in struggle to meet their basic needs.


Equitas in association with Aravind Eye Hospital,Madurai organized a camp immediately at Irungalur Village, Trichy. Aravind Hospital also supported in arranging TNSTC Bus for the patient transportation from Trichy to Madurai at free of cost.

SCREENING - 436 beneficiaries
135 Persons were identified with cataract in their eyes
135 Persons were operated at Aravind Hospital Madurai free of cost
Amount saved is Rs 2,02,500 /-

Mr. Perumal and Ms. Santhanamary live alone in this village all by themselves and their source of income is Government's 100 days work initiative (MNERAGA). They were not able to proceed working because of their vision problem and they were not financially strong to afford to visit an Ophthalmologist. This cataract camp helped them to get a better vision at free of cost and quality care from Aravind Eye Hospital.


After 3 months all these 135 people who got cataract surgery done for one eye will be taken again to get the surgery done for other eye at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai at free of cost.