Empowering Transgender Communities

Equitas Trust And Aishwarya Revolving Fund

Aishwarya Livelihood Revolving Fund (Supporting Destitute Women & Transgender with Financial Security)

Equitas is deeply committed to uplifting marginalized communities, embracing all individuals. In collaboration with the Saraswathi Educational and Charitable Trust, we have established the Aishwarya Revolving Fund for Transgenders and Destitute, offering them interest-free loans to initiate or expand their entrepreneurial ventures.

These loans empower them to build a credit history and apply for more significant loans in the future, all without requiring collateral. This innovative approach empowers them to become self-reliant entrepreneurs, benefiting not only themselves but also their entire community, fostering a better quality of life

Challenges Related To Gender In Society

People who openly share their gender identity at a young age often face rejection from their own families, leading to their expulsion from their homes. This isolation within the household deprives them of educational opportunities and neglects their mental and physical health needs.

This lack of awareness about their desires and requirements results in discrimination against them in various aspects. Those who reveal their gender identities later in life also encounter rejection from society. Society and their own family members struggle to meet the needs of transgender individuals, endangering their safety and failing to provide the necessary mental and economic support

Aishwarya Loan has been disbursed to 65 individuals including transgender, destitute and Widows

During this event, Chief Guest Dr. Ramalingam, MEMBER Of The JUVENILE JUSTICE BOARD, BENCH OF MAGISTRATE UNDER JUVENILE JUSTICE ACT, 2015, shared his expertise on various aspects related to the empowerment of marginalized communities, inspiring and deeply moving us with his insights

Our Guest of Honor, Mr. D. Kotteswara Rao, Assistant Director of the Schizophrenia Research Foundation, emphasized the crucial role of mental health in our daily lives. He stressed the importance of providing the utmost care to children from an early age, irrespective of their circumstances of birth, encouraging transgender individuals to break barriers and become role models in empowering others

Mr. Bala Subramaniyam, an Auditor for various organizations, delivered a compelling speech highlighting Equitas Bank's early efforts in assisting those in need and the dedication of our Managing Director, Mr. P.N. Vasu Devan, to helping the less fortunate

Ms. Priyadharshini, Secretary of the Saraswathi Educational and Charitable Trust, introduced the Aishwarya Loan, explaining its purpose and how it serves the marginalized communities in need and how their positive impact will help the other transgender in future

At Equitas Trust, we take great effort in initiating such programs and supporting communities in need. Through these efforts, we are actively eradicating poverty in marginalized communities by providing the much-needed financial support to establish stable and sustainable livelihoods, enabling them to lead dignified lives