Ending homelessness, Story of Chitra, Rehabilitated Pavement Dweller

Rehabilitated from Mannady area Pavement to lead a dignified life (Chennai)

For the past three decades, Chitra has been employed as a housekeeper, while her husband Maari worked as an auto driver. They resided on a pavement near Thambuchetty Street, Mannady.

Tragically, Maari passed away three years ago due to a heart attack, leaving Chitra to care for their two daughters, Kowsalya (23) and Soundarya (21).


They encountered several challenges; Securing employment was difficult due to their pavement address, making it hard to provide for their daily needs. Chitra had to ensure the safety of her daughters daily, leading to a life filled with anxiety, stress, and fear.

After her husband's demise, Chitra took up daily labor and housekeeping jobs, often working over 8 hours a day to support her daughters. However, her earnings only sufficed for the family's basic needs.


Fortunately, thanks to the Equitas Birds Nest project, Chitra and her family were provided with a house, offering them a safe and secure place to live. Now, even though she continuously works and occasionally puts in overtime, Chitra does everything without the burden of fear and anxiety about the safety of her daughters.