Ending homelessness, Story of Bhuvaneswari, Rehabilitated Pavement Dweller

Rehabilitated from Parrys area Pavement to lead a dignified life (Chennai)


Bhuvaneswari, a lifelong pavement dweller residing near Parrys Police Station, supported herself by selling fruits after getting married and having two children. At the age of 28, she became a widow, with her seven-year-old son named Aswanth in the second grade, and her younger son, Eswanth, at just 1 year and 5 months old. Living on the pavement presented numerous challenges, including safety, sanitation, and the aspiration to provide a happier and healthier life for her children.

Our CSR team member reached out to Bhuvaneswari, counseling her on the possibility of moving to a secure home for the well-being of her children. She eagerly embraced the opportunity, and Equitas assisted in relocating her to a house, enabling her to establish a legal identity.

Now, she can safely leave her children at home while continuing her work. Her newfound hope revolves around securing an education for her children, with the goal of seeing them become graduates. Bhuvaneswari looks to Equitas for guidance and support in shaping a brighter future for her children