Success Story of Mrs. Sanpada Sunil

EQUITAS GYAN KENDRA (EGK) – Skill Development Initiative

Successfully EGK training to make Pappad was completed a few months ago at Ravivar Peth center, Rajarampuri. An inspiring outcome emerged from this effort – one of the participants from that group, Mrs. Sanpada Sunil, started on her own business in Papad Making.

With an initial business capital of Rs 1500, Mrs. Sunil's journey has been remarkable. Her earnings have surged to an impressive Rs 4000. She distributes her Papads in the local market and also operates sales from her residence. She's been new receiving orders from customers and the response from buyers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Mrs. Sunil extends her heartfelt gratitude to Equitas for providing her with the essential Microfinance Loan and unwavering support, which have been instrumental in her journey to success.

This story showcases how Women Empowerment can be positively impacted through various means including Skill Training, Microfinance and support. Learning a trade not only enhances employability but also gives confidence to become entrepreneurs. Increased earnings give her financial independence and also allows her to contribute to local economy.

Inspiration and Role Modeling: Mrs. Sunil's success story can serve as an inspiration for other women in her community. When women see someone from their own background achieve success, it can break down barriers, boost self-confidence, and encourage them to pursue their aspirations.

Equitas Development Initiatives Trust has Skill trained 2457 women in June 2023 and cumulative of 6,32,861 women from 2008 across India.