by FREEDOM FROM HIDDEN HUNGER, A project of Sundar Serendipity Foundation

Freedom from Hidden Hunger for 1000+ families through Fortified Salt

While hunger generally refers to food, there are hidden hunger which is caused by lack of Nutrients, Iron, Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies. These deficiencies are hidden to us and causes people to suffer without their knowledge.

This hidden hunger problem can be solved by adding multiple micronutrient fortified salt crystals to our daily cooking. This allows the entire family to get their daily dose of much needed valuable nutrients. This fortified salt distribution to marginalized women is to help them and their families fight hidden hunger.


Zinc - Improves Immunity
Vitamin B12 – Promotes Growth
Iodine – Improves Memory
Vitamin A – Essential for Good Eye Sight
Iron – prevents Anaemia
Folic Acid – Protects Heart


It is called Hidden Hunger because the affected individual is not aware of it. Some of the deleterious effects of Hidden Hunger are:

Anaemia, Night Blindness, Low Birth Weight, Poor Productivity, Impaired Immune functions and therefore susceptibility to diseases; Deficits in attention, memory, concentration and cognition; Stunted growth; Birth defects like neural tube defects and Cleft palate.

Equitas in association with Freedom from Hunger facilitated this Micro-nutrient Fortified Salt Distribution to marginalized society women. These are women who lack awareness about nutrient deficiencies and also belong to economically weaker section of the society. Distribution of these fortified salts helps them to add in their daily cooking which allows the entire family to get access to the required nutrients. We have distributed Fortified Salts to more than 1000+ families and intend to distribute more going forward. This distribution would help the community to beat hidden hunger and lead a healthy life.