Scholarship Support to Equitas Birds Nest Children

Story of Master Lingeswaran

In addition to the transformative potential of wall murals in Kannagi Nagar to improve its negative reputation, education also plays a major role in empowering children from slums with opportunities for a brighter future.


Equitas Bird Nest (EBN) is our flagship initiative which transforms lives of pavement dwellers to lead dignified lives. It’s a three step approach which enables them with identity, housing and other support from us. Their children are provided with educational scholarships to continue their education.


Advisory & Financial help given to 2,546 Children of homeless families to pursue higher education who have been rehabilitated from the pavements from year 2008.

Eight years ago, Senthamizhselvi found herself residing with her three children on the pavement of Vannier Street, Broadway. Her husband abandoned them when their second child, Lingeshwaran, was merely 8 years old, leaving them to face the hardships of poverty alone.

In the year 2020, Senthamizhselvi encountered an Equitas executive who introduced her to an awareness session aimed at improving their lives. Equitas provided them with crucial support in terms of identity documentation and housing assistance, which instilled them with the confidence to seek employment and earn a sustainable income. When she learned about our EBN Program, she eagerly embraced the opportunity to move from the pavements into a proper house. We successfully rehabilitated her in one of the tenements located in Kannagi Nagar. Presently, she works as a housekeeper in an IT company situated in Perungudi, earning a monthly salary of Rs. 9500.

In addition to that, the EBN program also extends its support to children's education by providing sponsorships.

Currently, Master Lingeswaran is studying 10th standard at Santhome Hr. Sec. School, Mylapore. In addition to his academic education, he has a deep passion for learning Silambam, a traditional martial art form of Tamil Nadu.

His dedication to this art has led him to participate in numerous competitions, with his most recent achievement being a second-place finish in the "South Zone Silambam Championship" held in June 2023. Notably, Lingeswaran has been receiving scholarship support from the Saraswathy Educational Cultural and Charitable Trust for the past three years.